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Kanad Hospital Jobs – 18 + Vacancies

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Kanad Hospital

Kanad Hospital Jobs – 18 + Vacancies

List Of Vacancies: Kanad Hospital 

  1. Staff Nurse
  2. Ward/Internal Medicine Specialist (Hospitalist)
  3. ObGyn Consultant: Females ONLY
  4. Outpatient Coding Officer
  5. Outpatient Re-submission Officer
  6. Applied Behavioral Analyst
  7. Behavior Therapy Technician
  8. Cashier: UAE nationals ONLY
  9. Coder: Outpatient Coding Officer
  10. Doctor’s Assistant (Females ONLY)
  11. Registered Nurse: Emirati (UAE National)
  12. Registered Nurse, Operating Room (Female only)
  13. Registered Nurse, Pediatrics (Female Only)
  14. Chief Nursing Officer
  15. Registered Nurse, Birthing Center (Female Only)
  16. Inpatient Pharmacist (UAE National)
  17. Registered Nurse (NICU)


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Kanad Hospital Jobs